„WATROPROP“ (rain protection disc)
Motorcycling is fascinating for a lot of people. Anyway every motorcyclist also knows about the danger situations of this pleasure. Rain is surely one of them. So I had the idea to invent “WATROPROP” – a waterdroppropeller.
Rain itself is already bad for motorcyclists. But when there is additional a lot of traffic and especially when the water of the front cars’ tyre sprays onto the motorcyclists’ helmet visor the sight is continuously handicapped. The motorcyclist always has to clean the visor with his left hand. This is fatal at an emergency stop. And so the rain is smudged onto the visor which leads to an even worse sight. At night tours - mainly in cities - there is a lot of light in the streets and additional the lights of cars driving towards you are reflected onto the road. The view through the visor seems to become to a trip to the “Milky Way”. These many rain drops break the light and generate an uncomfortable sight which leads to driving sections where you do not see anything for a moment.
When it starts to rain you place the succer of the rain protection disc in the middle of the visor at height of the nose top. The visor area is not reduced. If there is a breath deflector at the helmet it covers nearly the same area. When rain stops the rain protection disc can easily be removed from the visor with one hand and be worn around the neck on the rubber cord until next rain comes – but because of safety reasons you have to turn rain protection disc on your back. The elastic nylon thread gives more safety as the rain protection disc does not get lost at wrong handling. The helmet visor can be opened completely at any time.

The wind which is already arising when you start driving is the propulsion for the wind wings. So at min. 20 mph and max. 75 mph driving speed the rain protection disc enables a nearly raindrop-free-sight. Because of the centrifugal force of over 6000 revolutions per minute all raindrops being onto the rotating rain protection disc will be shattered and flung away. In spite of rain, fog, snow and whirled up spray of cars driving in front of you -> free sight! Especially at night when all lights through the rain drops are additionally blinding the rain protection disc makes motorcycling extremely SAFER! There is worldwide nothing comparable onto the market which works so useful as the rain protection disc!

“Windshield wiper for motorcycle helmet” – actual issue of technique alternatives
- At the moment there are gloves on the market with an integrated wiper blade rubber in the
forefinger. With this visor wiper you can clean the visor manually as the blade rubber is
functioning as a windshield wiper for motorcycle helmet.
Disadvantageous at such a windshield wiper for motorcycle helmet still is the distracting arm
movement. Besides plastic visors are scratching with these wiper movements on the surface
(except glass visors). And the motorcyclist has only one hand on the steering wheel for short

-There is also a helmet windshield wiper on the market whose wiper is driven electrical with
But this helmet windshield wiper is more expensive, more complex and far not so flexibel
applicable. It is seldom needed. That's why it's not sure that the battery capacity is sufficient when it's used as it mostly keeps for only one hour of operation.

- Nano sealed helmet visors should replace the windshield wiper for motorcycle helmets.
However the nano sealing will be weakened at cleaning of insect remains and has to be
resealed regularly. For example - at use of nano-impregnation spray nanoparticles could be absorbed over the breathing air by the lungs. In the lungs nanoparticles get up to the area of the lung blisters and could subsequently permeat the blood-brain barrier. Source = nanoparticles - Wikipedia (rubric: safety)

-A further windshield wiper for motorcycle helmet is the “Rainvisor”. Here the wiping
function is given through a turning plexiglass disk.
But because of the disc curvature the sight seems to be shaky and blurred.
Further this visor wiper system is not applicable for all helmets. It is used mainly in the cart
That’s why this visor wiper system is also not suitable for a flexible and transportable use.

The rain protection disc -function is only guaranteed under the following conditions:

The rain protection disc is a system driven by the wind. It only works when head wind comes directly onto the visor. An operation is not possible when there is a windshield at the bike which distracts the wind from the driver's helmet. Only the direct head wind guarantees a safe function. When you place the rain protection disc directly onto the windshield e.g. at a Gold Wing bike the system doesn’t work because of the missing air flow as there will only be reached a too low rotation speed.